D'Eliso's Bakery 12913 Philadelphia St. Uptown Whittier, CA circa 1961

Where the family baking tradition began-My Great Grandpap Anthony D'Eliso, Great Granny Columba D'Eliso, Grandma Gloria D'Eliso-Mount, and two Great Uncles, Anthony and Cam D'Eliso .

  My name is Travis Saner and I bake fresh Italian/American inspired cakes, cookies, and brownies for my family bakery business. It has been in our family since 1942 which started with my Italian Great Grandpap Anthony (Tony) D'Eliso) was a baker in the Army and then opened D'Eliso's Bakery in Uptown Whittier from 1961-1975.

Formerly called "My Little Taste of Italy", it was previously ran by my Grandma "Gloria D'Eliso" and my Aunt "Elizabeth Jennings". I have taken over the family business to carry on the baking tradition because baking is in my blood! I use the original recipes, but I also add my own style to each of them, modifying the recipes and even making my own creations. If you like cakes, cookies, and brownies, then you'll love "My Little Taste of Italy: Next Generation".

Sit back, relax, listen to your sweet tooth and try some of our deserts. Our cakes are not like others out there because they do not have any frosting on them, but some are glazed, or topped with powdered sugar. The flavor is inside the cake. I promise that you will fall in love with our products the moment you bite into our fresh brownies, cookies, and our light fluffy cakes. On a side note, I would like you to know that throughout the year, we will be adding and taking away a couple products to fit the season. I will update this website as the seasons change so you can check out what deserts we bring to the menu .

The D'Eliso Family - Where our family is all about eating, baking and sharing our love!